Welcome to ABCD weekend here in the Archdiocese of Miami, the annual January rallying of South Florida’s Catholic community, during which we invest ourselves in the work and ministry of Jesus Christ and his Church. Far from being a mere financial appeal that includes the “big ask and give,” this moment has everything to do with our very identity and purpose as “Church.”   

     Our local Catholic community in this part of the country has so much to be proud of! The realization by Catholics all throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties that, in our diversity, we are in one in faith, one in hope, and one in charity, prompting you to pledge financial resources to this annual appeal, has brought ministry and faith-related services to countless thousands of people, who are served in the many charitable and ministerial works of our Archdiocese. From Key West to Deerfield Beach, the entire length and breadth of our three-county Archdiocese is directly supported and enhanced through the proceeds pledged and collected in this annual charitable appeal. Each of our one hundred and seven South Florida parishes has a goal, which is carefully and equitably established each year. The Church of Saint Gregory the Great has, year after year, been a leader in demonstrating a high level of generosity that is so very characteristic of Gospel-faith and practice. Year after year the many of you who have cared enough to participate in this campaign have made an amazing statement: you love the Lord and his Church! Although Saint Gregory did not meet its goal last year, I am pleased to acknowledge that the more than $350,000 which was, indeed, collected helped make the work of the Church concretely real and credible. For this, and for so many other reasons besides, I am very proud of you! It is obvious on so many levels why Saint Gregory is such a special place!  

     I invite everyone who made a pledge or gift last year to do so again, perhaps at an even greater degree of sharing. It certainly is a concrete way of investing in the Church you love so much. I also invite the many parishioners who have never made a pledge or gift to the ABCD in the past to engage yourself in this worthy cause. It would be amazing what we could do, as a parish, with a 100% level of parishioner household participation. Why could all of us not find it a privilege to assist in making Jesus better known and more effectively present through the ministries and services of the Church he founded? All of us are needed to help shine Christ’s light and to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed. All of us are needed in the work of relieving spiritual and human hardship, and of alleviating suffering. All of us are needed to bring consolation and joy though the works of the Church, as we further the Kingdom of Christ here and now. How else can we become fishers of men, as this weekend’s Gospel challenges us, unless we get involved, invest our hearts and souls, our time and our treasures, in the work which makes Christ felt and experienced in our modern day? The Church does so much for so many. And through your participation in the ABCD, you are doing far more than you know, in the name of Our Lord.  

     Thank you for what you will do in support of this year’s Archbishop’s Charities and Development appeal, and for the benefits that will come to the Church of Saint Gregory the Great Church. The Scriptures tell us that the Lord rewards a cheerful giver. May you, therefore, receive the blessings of one hundredfold for the generosity and the love that you commit to share in the ABCD this year!     

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