Fr. Michael Davis


Dear Saint Gregory Parishioners, 

I am happy to greet you with the news that we will soon be able to return to public Masses with a congregation, beginning AFTER Memorial Day.

Although the faithful are granted a dispensation from attending Sunday Mass until further notice during this periodic of pandemic, in order to gather publicly for Mass we must all do our due diligence in adhering to the social distancing guidelines and expectations for our own health and wellbeing, as well as that of those around us. This particularly applies to the elderly, those with underlying health    conditions, those who are fearful, and those taking care of all who are sick. Furthermore, a good rule of thumb is, if you are sick or have any symptoms of illness, (out of courtesy for the wellbeing of the broader community), you are asked to stay home until you are well. 

When attending public Mass with a congregation, there will be some new norms, designed for our common safety and welfare.

  1. Due to social distancing expectations, we will be limited in the number of people that we can accommodate at a given Mass. As a result, space-permitting, please plan to make a reservation to attend the Mass of your choice, as you would do when making a plane, dinner, or theatre reservation. You can conveniently make a seating reservation for church on-line here, or call it in by phone at the church office (954-473-6261), by Friday at 4:00pm for the weekend Mass of your choice. Sometimes a particular Mass will already be full. Other options will be made available to you, including the “overflow Masses” which will take place in the parish hall. In all instances, seating is available for individuals, couples and families. Just follow the prompts when making a reservation. For now, daily Masses do not require reservations.  

  2. Each unit (whether family, couple, or individual), is asked to sit six feet apart from the unit next to you. The entire church is marked with blue tape, which will indicate where expected seating is to take place. The piece of blue tape will be in FRONT of the seat that is measured off for seating. On the weekends, ushers will assist you with this process.

  3. Everyone is presumed to be wearing face-masks while inside of our church, to be kept on until the reception of Communion, and then put back on.

  4. On the weekends, there will be lines arranged (and a check-in desk at which reservations will be scanned and confirmed) to facilitate an orderly entrance.  

  5. Upon entrance through the one main door at the front of church, which is one-way, there will be several hand sanitizer stations which are to be utilized by all who enter, previous to taking one’s place in the church.

  6. There will be a new choreography for the distribution of Holy Communion. Only two aisles will be utilized, marked off with blue tape for spacing of six feet between communicants as they approach the Blessed Sacrament. Please follow the directions of the ushers, or the verbal instructions at Mass. 

  7. There will be no offertory procession, nor passing of the baskets. The making of offering and weekly stewardship can be done in the baskets at the end of Mass in the baskets at the doors of church upon exit

  8. Everyone is to exit through the Garden Room doors or through the Tower/Music Ministry doors. 


These measures have been carefully thought through. Yes; this new moment in world history will require the flexibility and cooperation of us all. Because so much is at stake, let’s all rise to the occasion and make this work! 

I am eager to welcome you back to Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church.


God bless you!

Fr. Davis           


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